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Casserole Recipes - http://www.casserolerecipes.net

From the simple classics to gourmet fare, find the perfect casserole recipe for any meal. Dozens of taste tested casserole recipes representing the best international cuisine.

Chickenwingrecipes.com | Chicken Wing Recipe - http://www.chickenwingrecipes.com/

Chicken wings are delicious finger foods usually served as appetizers. As its name suggests, this delectable dish is made from the wing part of a chicken which is deep fried or baked.

Chile Pepper Recipes - http://www.chile-pepper-sauces.com

Chile pepper recipes for the home chef who likes hot and spicy.

Drink Recipes - http://supercocktails.com

Cocktail and Mixed Drink Recipes - Largest cocktail repository on earth, with detailed instructions and ingredients.

Egg Recipes - http://www.eggrecipes.net

Comprehensive egg recipe collection covering everything from breakfast to dessert. Egg recipes for omelets, scrambles, souffles, meringues, custards, crème brulee and more, plus tips and techniques for achieving the best results.

Fruit salad recipes - http://www.fruitsaladrecipes.net

Fruit and vegetable salad recipes can be downloaded and viewed for free.Fruit and vegetable salad recipes can be downloaded and viewed for free.

Halibut Recipes - http://www.halibutrecipes.net

Remarkable collection of taste-tested halibut recipes. Enjoy this wonderfully mild fish sauteed, poached, smoked, grilled or pan-fried. Find the perfect halibut recipe for every occasion.

Mancare prajituri - http://www.prajituri.info

Traditional food and drink recipes - retete de prajituri: enjoy the retro sweets, the flavour and the memories - pies, cake, candy.

Pie Recipes - http://www.gourmetpierecipes.com

Gourmet pie is perfect flaky crust filled with the tastiest combinations of ingredients. Find delicious professional and homemade pie recipes for sweet pies, with fillings ranging from fruits to nuts, ice cream to custard.

Recipes & Cookbooks - http://kitchentalk.com/

Presently, Jan continues to provide food consultation services to local institutions, conducts cooking classes, napkin folding and table setting seminars throughout the community, and develops sales training's for product manufacturers. In the summer months you will find Jan at the Orange County Fair either conducting one of her very creative cooking segments or judging various edible entries.

TastyThoughts – Your Home For Food and Cooking - http://www.tastythoughts.info

TastyThoughts is a blog that has postings on a variety of food topics. This blog includes topics, such as recipes, beverage news, equipment reviews, and more.

Vegetable Recipes - http://www.vegetablerecipes.net

Dozens of delicious vegetable recipes. From asparagus to zucchini, a vegetable recipe for everyone. Learn how to select, prepare and cook your favorite vegetables in new and exciting ways.